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Adding value to unique  construction projects  is our par excellence.  We rely on our engineering foundation, construction leadership, and agility to support projects for the private sector, federal agencies, and religious organizations.  Key services include project management, construction engineering; technical services; physical protection; field assessments; cost engineering; bidability, constructibility, operability, and environmental (BCOE) reviews; scheduling;  construction phase services; onsite engineering; and quality assurance.


Contingency Engineering, a skill set learned in the world's most challenging and austere environments, balances engineering design, speed, practical execution, and tactical know-how.  We are global leaders in this field with 15 years of experience leading  design teams and construction professionals on sensitive projects worldwide. Key services include capability building, infrastructure assessments, underwater inspections of ports and marine structures, military engineering & construction, constructability, infrastructure assessments, project management, environmental assessments, feasibility studies,  base camp design, and land development.


TOBIN brings 20 years of military leadership experience specializing in domestic and international program management, inter-agency crisis action planning, joint and combined civil-military exercises, and command center operations. We serve clients by supplementing their existing organizational structures as planners, liaisons, and team leads. Offering experience in a variety of roles within a wide range of organizations, our team members have worked for Defense Attachés at multiple US embassies, coordinated complex tasks in multi-national environments as liaison officers. We have consulted for and managed multi-layered, high-profile programs for agencies such as the Department of State, Department of Defense, and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops.

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